Sunday, February 27, 2011

Melarikan Diri

Umar Shadiq.... u are always my good boy. forever and ever. There is no single second and minute that u are not in my heart.

This is my travel bagpack. Served me since 2005. Just a short panic trip.  Only 2 days. Umar Shadiq...don't worry, just be prepared coz abah will take u for a jalan-jalan trip soon.

*updated from my blackberry at gate T7.


che'Burn@che'Qis said...

ang lari setempat jelah..hihi

che'Burn@che'Qis said...
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@xiM said...

how's short panic trip??

best tak..

story lar sikit..

sepul said...

letih lesu sangat. nantilah aku stori mori